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Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: Trump dismisses Iran denials

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 4:23pm
The president cites footage the US says shows Iranian forces taking a mine off one of the ships.

Hong Kong extradition row: Will it damage its star status?

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 4:01pm
Hong Kong is one of the world's top financial hubs, but is this status now at risk?

Ebola outbreak: Uganda copes with crisis at DR Congo border

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 2:27pm
Uganda's Ebola strategy is working despite border security problems, says the BBC's Anne Soy.

Deadly Ebola outbreak 'not global threat'

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 2:10pm
But World Health Organization says it is an emergency in the Democratic Republic of Congo and needs more funding.

US diplomats work around White House gay pride flag ban

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 1:13pm
Some embassies have been finding different ways to express support for LGBTQ+ Pride month.

German doctors fined over abortion ads

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 12:48pm
A Berlin court rules that it was illegal to advertise how abortions were carried out.

Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: What could be Iran's motive?

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 12:15pm
Iran's policy of strategic patience under punishing US sanctions may be coming to an end.

New York bans religious exemptions for vaccines amid measles outbreak

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 12:14pm
The state will no longer allow parents to claim religious exemption from vaccines for school children.

Marlen Ochoa-Lopez murder: Baby cut from womb dies

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 11:52am
The boy was ripped from strangled Marlen Ochoa-Lopez's womb and died after two months on life support.

Sudan protest witnesses saw 'death in all its forms'

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 11:44am
The BBC's Fergal Keane speaks to witnesses and victims of the violence in Khartoum, which left at least 100 protesters dead.

Hong Kong extradition protests: Advisers urge leader Carrie Lam to delay

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 9:51am
Several of Carrie Lam's advisers urge her to delay a controversial extradition bill amid protests.

Tanzania row over wig and hair extension tax

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 8:26am
Supporters of the levy say it will help women keep their hair natural, but others express outrage.

Sarah Sanders: 'This has been the honour of my life'

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 8:23am
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is resigning from her role as White House press secretary.

Singer Leonard Cohen's letters fetch $876K

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 7:16am
Some letters the singer wrote to his muse sell for more than five times their pre-sale estimates.

China floods cause a landslide in the Fujian province

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 7:01am
A landslide has hit southeast China following days of heavy rain and flooding that has killed over 60 people.

Ornella Muti faces jail threat after attending Putin gala

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 6:19am
Prison looms if Ornella Muti does not pay damages for calling in sick to attend a Russian event.

Edith González, Mexican 'telenovela' star, dies aged 54

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 6:01am
Edith González, who spent decades in Mexican TV, film and theatre, had been diagnosed with cancer.

Flint water crisis: Prosecutors drop all criminal charges

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 5:15am
They say a more thorough investigation is needed into the crisis that left 12 dead in Michigan.

Toronto celebrates Raptors' historic NBA win

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 5:03am
The city of Toronto erupted in celebration after its basketball team, the Raptors, won America's NBA.

Toronto Raptors win first NBA title

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 3:10am
The Toronto Raptors beat defending champions the Golden State Warriors in the sixth NBA Finals game to win their first title.


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