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Quaden Bayles: Fundraiser for boy in bullying video hits $300,000

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 2:08pm
A viral clip of bullied Australian boy Quaden Bayles has triggered an outpouring of support globally.

Indian women 'forced into gynaecological tests' to prove work fitness

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 12:24pm
The government employees said they had to stand naked in a room together during the tests.

Paraglider hangs for hours after Californian power line mishap

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:57am
Residents' power was cut as firefighters worked for three hours to free the man.

Google sued by New Mexico over claims it spies on US students

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:56am
Pupils in New Mexico allegedly have had their online data tracked, says the state's attorney general.

Cambodian sisters, 98 and 101, reunited after 47 years

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:48am
The sisters last saw each other in 1973 and each thought the other had died under the Khmer Rouge.

Romulus mystery: Experts divided on 'tomb of Rome's founding father'

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:31am
A discovery at an ancient temple divides experts over possible links to the city's legendary founder.

Portugal MPs in move to legalise euthanasia

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:29am
Bills approved in parliament put Catholic-majority Portugal on a path to making euthanasia legal.

Hanau: Father's tribute to killed daughter

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 8:51am
Mother of two Mercedes Kierpacz was shot dead while out buying pizza and a drink.

Hanau: Germany boosts security amid far-right threat

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 7:21am
Mosques and transport hubs will get extra police as the Hanau killings are seen as racist terror.

South Korea Coronavirus: Concern in Daegu as cases rise

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 6:42am
More than 200 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in South Korea, with many linked to a religious group.

Future Forward: Thai pro-democracy party dissolved over loan

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 6:35am
The constitutional court rules a loan to Future Forward from its businessman founder was illegal.

Thomas Thabane: Lesotho PM leaves country as murder charges loom

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 5:41am
Police accuse Thomas Thabane and the First Lady of murdering his previous wife in 2017.

Afghanistan war: US and Afghan Taliban to start partial truce

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 5:25am
A seven-day "reduction in violence" between the two sides will begin on Saturday, officials say.

Coronavirus: Pregnant nurse 'propaganda' sparks backlash

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 3:48am
The nine-month-pregnant nurse was portrayed as heroic for continuing to work on the frontlines.

Baxter killings: Australia detective stood down for 'victim blaming'

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 2:46am
Comments that the man who killed his family may have been "driven too far" sparked fury in Australia.

Russia meddling to help Trump win re-election, US lawmakers hear

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 2:25am
US intelligence agencies reportedly warned Congress of the alleged meddling in a meeting last week.

Quaden Bayles: Australian boy in bullying video receives global support

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 1:51am
A viral clip of bullied Australian boy Quaden Bayle has triggered an outpouring of support globally.

Fireball meteor lights up night sky over Malaysia

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 12:33am
A dashcam captures the moment a meteor illuminates the night sky in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Coronavirus: South Korea steps up measures as infections spike

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 11:45pm
The PM calls the development an "emergency" situation, and two cities are declared "special care zones".

'What was that all about?': Donald Trump mocks Oscars winner Parasite

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 11:34pm
"What was that all about?" Trump asked as he spoke at a campaign rally in Colorado.


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