By Wade Warren

SDN Managing Editor

A Snyder tourist attraction appears to be heading to parts unknown following an unsuccessful attempt to find funds to purchase the 24 Karat Gold DeLorean currently on display at Snyder National Bank.

Spearheading the drive to find a new home in Snyder for the DeLorean is Mayor Francene Noah.

Noah said she first heard the vehicle was going to be moved from the bank about three weeks ago as the move was part of a stock purchase agreement between the Mize family and current bank owners earlier in the year.

“The car is scheduled to be moved out of the bank on Saturday,” said Noah.

The mayor said the vehicle has been appraised at $175,000. Vicki Kallemyn and Linda Tollison, daughters of the late Roger and Sue Mize, have said they would provide half the funds if the community could come up with the other half.

“At this time, I don’t know if the deal is salvageable, or not,” said Noah.

“People have been running hot and cold on it whether to spend that much money on the vehicle that some do not feel is that much of a tourist attraction. I hate to see it leave, but I don’t know what else to do.”

Noah has approached the Snyder Chamber of Commerce about the use of hotel-motel funds, but purchasing the vehicle apparently does not fall into the state-mandated guidelines.

“We’ve also approached the museum about it, but that’s a lot of money for anyone,” added Noah.

Due to the gold-plated finish, the vehicle would have to be kept inside a glassed area to add even more expense to the project.

“I feel it’s a great tourist attraction, especially with the younger people that visit here,” said the mayor.

The vehicle has never been started and doesn’t presently have a gas tank on it, apparently to suppress temptations to rev it up.

Then-bank president Roger Mize bought the car new as its picture was on the cover of an American Express Christmas catalog and it has been on display here ever since.

One-hundred of the gold-plated cars were scheduled to be produced, but only two were finished. At last report, the other gold-plated vehicles is in a Reno, Nev., museum.

Other DeLoreans are made of stainless steel.